Chatbot for Business

Increase Online Sales

Increase online sales by receving your customer orders right on chat. Collect payment online or offline

Show Promotions

Reach more audience by sending latest promotions to targeted customers segment right through chat

Build Customer Loyalty

Build a new dimension of customer relationship through our friendly chatbot to increase customer loyalty

Improve Conversion Rate

Increase sales conversion rate by showing the right product according to customer search query right on the chat

Enhance Customer Experience

Instantly and accurately respond to inquiry including product enquiry and after-sales support. Notifies and connect your customers with staff as needed

Gather Feedback

Collect feedback and suggestion by asking questions through chat

ConvoLab Chatbot

  • 24 Hours Everywhere

    Setting the new standard of customer support, your chatbot is always online and is designed to handle thousands of customers at once on all chat channels, leaving no one waiting in line.

  • Chat with Staff

    Your chatbot is designed to work well with human staff. It automatically notifies the admin and hide away once an admin is handling the chat.

  • Powered by AI

    With a unique natural language understanding capability, your chatbot can handle natural human language in more than 50 languages.

  • Business Friendly

    Integrate your chatbot with inventory, CRM, catalogue or other system. Chatbot Configuration Console is available for users to fine tune without requiring any technical knowledge

ConvoLab Services

Professional & End-to-End

  • Chatbot UX Design

  • Chat Journey Development

  • Personality Design

  • AI Training Exercise

  • Reporting & Dashboard Design

  • Chatbot Managed Service

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