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Multi-Channel Chat Management

Respond to all your chat channels within the platform. Your agent and chatbot work together to provide the best chat experience.


Connect to all chat channels – LINE, Facebook, Webchat or even chat on your mobile app – and respond to every user in one single platform.

Co-pilot Live Chat

Get notification when your chatbot needs human support. Agent can also triggers chatbot to send carousel, flex or other rich media messages to the user.

User Profile & Context

The platform summarize every interaction the user has done so your agent knows what he/she is up to. Connect to your CRM to further enrich their profile.

Train AI On the Go

Allows your agent to train your chatbot on-the-go. Your chatbot development team can then approve or reject their training data as needed.

Agent Management

On-board and manage all your agents and supervisors across multiple teams based on their skill so chatbot knows who to assign the case to.

Routing & Escalation

Tickets are routed, load-blaanced and assigned to agents and teams according to their skills. Tickets are escalated to team’s supervisor when it exceeds SLA.

Ticket Management

Open ticket to agent when chatbot needs agent support. Manage & track multiple tickets across multiple teams to ensure every customer is properly handled.

Agent Performance Report

Manage & track performance of your agents right in the platform from the number of tickets he/she resolved to satisfaction score given by the customers.

Agent Management & Ticket Routing

Manage all of your agents and route tickets to the right person so your agents can support the customers quickly and effectively. 

Chatbot Logic Management & Integration

Manage chatbot logic with flow visualization. Integrates with your enterprise system using our flow-based integration tool.

Chatbot Logic Visualizer

Chatbot logic can grow to thousands of actions and flows. Easily visualize and maintain logic of your chatbot no matter how complex it is.

Flexible Integration

Enhance your chatbot by integrating with your enterprise system, from CRM to transaction system, with builtin flow-based integration engine.

AI-Powered Decision

Platform includes AI-powered language processing engine to ensure chatbot understands your customers and select the best actions from chatbot logic flows.

Web-view & LINE Liff Support

Great chat experience means seamless integration with webview or LINE Liff. Platform fully supports custom integration with custom webview and Liff according to your requirement.

Message Template

Allows your business users to edit chatbot messages without impacting chatbot logic. Creates carousels to LINE flex messages right on the platform.


Prepare messages in multiple languages and chatbot automatically detects and select language based on user input.

Product Catalogues

Business users can easily edit products and promotions content through platform’s content management system without impacting chatbot logic.

Bulk Import / Export

Your content can reach thousands of records. Easily maintain your content by importing them as bulk files.

Chat Content Management

Easily change chatbot messages or even product and promotion through content management system specifically designed for business users.

Chat Marketing & Segmentation

Segment your audience and select the right message for each of them. Create custom rich menu based on their segment.

Flexible Segmentation

Segment your customer by their interactions with the chatbot and their profile within your system.

Personalized LINE Rich Menu

Provide unique chat experience to your users by personalizing LINE Rich Menu according to their segment and profile. Continually change their Rich Menu as they progress along your chat journey.

Targeted Chat Campaign

Target different user segment with different promotional messages or even interactive goal-based questionnaires.

Generate & Convert Leads

Generate leads right on chat channels by allowing your users to register for your product or campaigns. Leads can be routed to your sales agent for further engagement.

Feedback Collection

Improve your products and services by collecting their feedbacks through chatbot.


Satisfaction Survey

Know how well your chatbot and agents are doing by sending satisfaction survey after every conversation.


Know even more about your customers by getting chatbot to help ask specific questions and gather their responses.

Agent Rating

Know performance of your agents and how well they response to your customers by getting them to rate your agents

Feedback & 

Gather feedback and survey to understand your customers. Track such feedbacks and survey back to responsible agents or chatbot.

Analytics & Report

Understand how your customers interact with your chatbot at a glance. Measure marketing campaign response – from popular response analysis to custom built report according to your need.

Summary Dashboard

Instantly see how your chatbot and live chat system is doing through built-in summary dashboard.

Campaign Response Report

Analyze campaign response from how many people has responded to their selections and conversion stage.

AI Smartness Analysis

Smartness gauge allows AI trainers and chatbot developers to know how much requests are handled by the chatbot.

Custom Report Engine

Response your business needs by creating new reports according to your requirement.

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